Xcelsius - Temperature Profiling

Xcelsius is the newest patented temperature control technology from the Rancilio LAB. The key features of the system are the unique water system with double-phase heating, the architecture of the brew group and innovative control electronics.

The system is protected by 2 international patents and has been developed in conjunction with the prestigious Polytechnic in Turin, which is one of Europe's leading universities.Rancilio has dedicated over 3 years to developing this system with a special team of designers in the R&D division: this is clearly a very important and strategic project for the company.

With Xcelsius you can easily adjust and guarantee the stability and the precision of the coffee brewing temperature in any situation. Xcelsius features elements that are profoundly innovative and different: in fact, Xcelsius has been developed to be flexible and dynamic. This is something completely new and means that is it possible to extract coffee and dynamically change the temperature of the water DURING the extraction process, which is known as TEMPERATURE PROFILING.

This a new frontier for coffee machines, and enables us to explore completely new sensorial possibilities: the temperature of the water used when extracting coffee is one of the main parameters that influences the result in the cup in terms of taste, so it follows that if you vary the temperature in a controlled manner during extraction you can enhance or conceal the various aromas of an individual blend of coffee.

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