The Rancilio I-steam - Automatic Milk Frother

(Available with the Classe 9 and Classe 10 machines only)

The revolutionary i-Steam has been designed to de-skill the frothing process which is ideal for training baristas. Simply put the steam wand into a jug of milk, press the button and before you know it you have quality densely foamed milk to a set temperature. A simple wipe down and a blast of steam and it's clean.


Rancilio iSteam
automatic frothing wand


The iSteam is a revolutionary and unique steam wand developed by Rancilio. It effectively de-skills the job of foaming milk to barista standard, and heats the milk to a pre-set, programmable temperature.

The iSteam can help compensate for a novice barista's inexperience, and also act as an extra pair of hands during exceptionally busy periods. Additionally, because the milk is heated in a standard foaming jug, a lot of the theatre of coffee-making is retained unlike fully-automatic "push button" coffee machines.

The iSteam is fully programmeable, both for temperature, volume of froth produced and bubble size. It is possible to produce a very tight foam suitable for the modern lattè/cappuccino hybrid drink or a lighter, airier foam for traditional cappuccinos. Also, with its dual lattè and cappuccino buttons, it is possible to programme each independently for entirely different results.

When it comes to cleaning, the iSteam is as simple to care for as a standard steam wand. It needs to be wiped clean after every use (as you would with a standard wand),and we recommend heating a jug of cleaning solution with the iSteam at the end of each day (about 30 seconds work). The main body of the wand is made from high quality stainless steel, which means it is hygienic and simple to keep clean.

It should be remembered however that this automatic wand does not replace traditional training methods and therefore only one manual steam arm is replaced by the iSteam.


  Rancilio i-steam Automatic Milk Frother (Technological Steaming Control) Rancilio iSteam Automatic Milk Frother (Technological Steaming Control)


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