Ceado Commercial Espresso Grinders

All Ceado Grinders use the innovative see-and-set system with continual infinitesimal grinding adjustment. This system allows the required degree of grinding to be set through simply sliding a lever along a graduated scale. The slightest movement of the lever corresponds to infinitesimal variations in the distance between the pair of burrs and consequently an infinite range of possible adjustments in order to obtain the most suitable particle size for the type of coffee to be served.

The mechanical suspension of the motor and the thermoelastomer soundproofing ensure that the Ceado range of grinder/dosers is the quietest on the market (more than 30% quieter than other grinder/dosers on sale). The materials are common to all models and consist of light alloy for the housing, stainless steel for the doser and transparent polycarbonate suitable for foodstuffs for the hopper. Proof of the reliability and sturdiness is given by the three-year product guarantee plus the lifetime guarantee for the lever return spring on the doser. E6 is available in an automatic version, a version with manual switch and in the new version with electronic timer.



Ceado E92

Ceado's new electronic coffee grinder, with the same control and on demand dosing as the Ceado E37s (see below). Freshly ground coffee every time, power with consistent, precise performance. With the lowest-speed motor on the market, customised burrs and latest-generation electronics, even the most demanding coffee connoisseur is sure to be more than satisfied. Quiet, efficient and easy to clean – just as you’d expect from a Ceado coffee grinder.


Technical Data - E92
Grinding Blades Diameter : 71mm
Bean Hopper Capacity : 1600g
Blade Speed : 270rpm
Dimensions : 280 x 210 x 630mm
Power Consumption : 900W
Weight : 18Kg
Leaflet :  





Ceado E7

This is the favourite grinder/doser of all true lovers of a perfect espresso coffee. The E7 renews the tradition of the classic grinding mills 64, the most sought-after model in the range. The size and features make it suitable for use in premises with average/high turnover.

Technical Data - E7
Grinding Blades Diameter : 64mm
Bean Hopper Capacity : 1600g
Doser Capacity : 270g
Adjustable Dosage : 5.5 - 9g
Auto version available : Yes
Blade Speed : 1400rpm
Dimensions : 220 x 367 x 570mm
Power Consumption : 400W
Weight : 14Kg
Leaflet :  





Ceado E37s


Constantly fresh ground coffee is available with Ceado’s new electronic coffee grinder, model E37. Last-generation electronics combined with the reliability and innovation of Ceado products has resulted in a product that keeps all the best qualities of the coffee intact. The standard features of precise grinding time settings (intervals of 1/10 second) and continual infinitesimal grinding adjustment using the “see & set” system plus low noise in operation make this a superior product for offering perfectly ground coffee at the simple push of a button.

The specially designed chute ensures effective constant dispensing of the correct amount. Independent buttons for double and single doses, multi-language display, housing in light aluminium alloy. Exclusive choice of methods of activation for maximum operating flexibility: by touch control or by continuous pressing of the filter holder on the switch. Unrivalled access to grinding mills makes maintenance easy. Electronic timer to control the dispensed dose. Exclusive design of the coffee delivery spout to guarantee the dispensing of a constant quantity. Fast and precise dispensing. Approx. 2 seconds for a single dose and less than 4 seconds for a double dose. Possibility of selecting the dispensing method: manual or electronic.

Technical Data - E37
Grinding Blades Diameter : 83mm
Bean Hopper Capacity : 1600g
Blade Speed : 1400rpm
Dimensions : 210 x 280 x 550mm
Power Consumption : 400W
Weight : 12.5Kg
Leaflet :  






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