The Rancilio Range of Espresso Equipment

A commercial espresso machine is a sizeable investment for any business, and choosing the correct coffee maker with the right level of support is crucial. After all, coffee could well be the most profitable portion of your business and your espresso machine is there for one purpose only - to continue making great coffee, day after day. For this to happen, you need to buy your machine from a company with the necessary resources to ensure that service backup is available year after year.   


Rancilio Classe 11
Rancilio Classe 11
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  Rancilio Epoca
Rancilio /Egro One


This is where The Coffee Machine Company can provide the critical difference. We are the sole UK importers of Rancilio cappuccino machines, which means that together with our extensive network of authorised dealers, we have access to Rancilio's extensive engineering database. This keeps us up to date with all the latest developments in Rancilio's range and ensures that almost all service calls are solved with the first engineering visit. We always have all necessary spares in stock and our network of trained engineers cover the whole of the UK, from Land's End to John o' Groats (actually further than that, as we now have an engineer based in the Shetland Islands!)


Ensuring you have chosen a company with the right level of service cover is only half the story - choosing the right piece of equipment is just as critical and a lot more confusing. The first issue to look at is your type of establishment; is it a wine bar with a small coffee requirement or a busy urban coffee shop - obviously these two examples are going to need very different coffee machines. Secondly, are you going to be making mainly take away coffees or will they all be "drink in"; also, what is the level of your staff training and staff turnover - all these issues will affect your buying decision.


Please also remember that your decisions does not stop with the espresso machine - if you are buying a traditional espresso maker you will also need a espresso grinder, knock out box and water filter or water softener. We hope that you can find all the information that you need on our web site, but if you need any more advice please do not hesitate to call us on 020 7237 6862, we are here to help and are more than happy to talk through any queries you might have, whatever their nature. 


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